Company Profile

We have HACCP certification which ensures food safety

Sethia Oils Limited was formed in 1986. The first solvent extraction plant was commissioned in 1989 and edible oil refinery plant was set up in 2000. Sethia Oils Ltd. is dedicated to producing Oryzanol rich physically refined Rice Bran Oil of highest quality standard at competitive rates in the state-of-the-art refinery plant supplied by global giants to benefit the consumers.

Only the best quality Rice Bran is processed in our stainless steel solvent extraction plant to produce crude Rice Bran Oil of superior quality which is then refined through stringent process, to produce premium quality Rice Bran Cooking Oil. After extracting oil from Rice Bran, we process the bran to manufacture De-Oiled Rice Bran (DORB) for use as Cattle Feed, Poultry Feed and Fish Feed.

RiceGold is one such venture, the company has entered into. We seek to develop highly satisfied customers, business partners and employees. Also, we seek to contribute to the development of communities and protection of environment in which we operate.

Mission of the company is to be a leading global player in production and marketing of

  • Healthy Oils

  • Functional Foods

  • Nutraceuticals